New Zealand’s leading hospitality POS system

Onetap is point of sale for restaurants, bars and cafes, stock control, customer loyalty, reporting and integrated software using smart technology. Easily manage and grow your business.

Spend more time doing what you love

Onetap gives you the tools you need to transform your business, freeing you up to do the things you love.

Hospitality business owners have enough on their plate to think about, so we’ve taken the hassle out of hospitality POS software, giving you one less thing to worry about. Onetap frees you up to do what you do best: run your business. Our hospitality POS system is straightforward and efficient, removing a huge amount of irritation and administration in your business, leaving you to simply enjoy the buzz of delighting your customers.


Now that’s pure hospitality

Easy to use

Onetap’s intuitive touch screens are simple to learn and easy to use, leading to less training and more sales. Learn in minutes.

Smart - 200+ features

Onetap is fully featured, having all you need to manage and grow your business. Plus our commitment to continual improvement ensures your POS software remains cutting edge.

Highly flexible and scalable

Customised and scaled to the needs and size of your business. As you grow, onetap easily expands with you.

Automated stock

Automate the process of managing your stock with our full inventory system. Improve accuracy and efficiency while saving time and money. 

Handheld ordering

Take, send and print orders straight from the table with our handheld ordering pads. Deliver outstanding service. Reduce labour costs and increase sales and tips.

Quick sales and
efficient service

Tap in orders quickly and accurately. Spend less time on your POS and more time serving your customers.

Robust platform

Onetap is built for the toughest of environments. So in busy periods or unexpected situations you can fully rely on onetap to keep powering your business.

Easily manage staff
and payroll

Our smart clock in/clock out feature ensures accurate time and attendance records and integrates with your payroll.


Get complete control and visibility of your business. See an instant snapshot of sales, staff performance, stock, costs and much more in real-time, from anywhere.


Onetap uses the latest touch screens, tablets, kitchen & barista displays, printer and more.

Work from 

Sign in and work from home, office or beach. Your sales, stock and reports are always accessible, secure and up to date.


Increase your sales with our online ordering integration. Your customers get to order ahead of time and beat the queue - they’ll love you for it.

Make your business more profitable and more enjoyable for your customers today!

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